What ISN’T Your Dermatologist Telling You??

A Skin Therapists hands on approach to skin health

Acne? Pigmentation? Rosacea? Aging?

Solutions … Roaccutane? Doxycycline? Vitamin A Cream? IPL? Microdermabrasion? Skin Peels? Skin Needling?

Skin Therapist OR Dermatologist?

Confusing right! So when should you consult a Skin Therapist (AKA Skin Expert/Skin Coach) and when should you visit a Dermatologist? What’s the difference??? …

Two professionals treating very similar problems BUT with two very different strategies.

A Dermatologist is a medical doctor specialising in anatomy, physiology & immunology of the Integumentary System (Skin System) who diagnose & treat diseases & disorders of the skin, hair & nails. Such diseases & disorders managed by Dermatologists include … excema, tinea, lesions, cysts & ulcers, fungus, pre-malignant & malignant skin diseases, dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, infectious diseases, severe cystic & nodular Grade 5–6 acne, etc. Treatment is generally prescription medications, surgery, and radiotherapy.

A Skin Therapist is a non-medical specialist with extensive knowledge & experience of anatomy, physiology & treatment of the Integumentary System (Skin System) who diagnose & treat conditions &/or disorders of the skin. Such conditions & disorders managed by Skin Therapists include … rosacea, Grades 1–4 acne, ageing, pigmentation, fragile/broken capillaries, impaired barrier function, scarring, pigmentation, dehydration, folliculitis, etc. Treatment is generally prescription skin care & specialised skin treatments such as micro needling, peels, IPL (intense pulsed light), LED light therapy, internal supplementation, microdermabrasion, diathermy, etc.

Let me make that a whole lot simpler for you without the mumbo jumbo …

Dermatologists = Skin, Hair & Nail Diseases = Medication &/or Surgery

Skin Therapists = Skin Conditions = Internal & External Skin Care + Professional Treatments

Much of a much-ness really … specialists in their own fields with similar objectives BUT very different courses of action delivering very different outcomes.

The lines, however, are becoming increasingly blurred now days as Dermatologists overstep the boundary into what was, traditionally, the Skin Therapists expertise. Dermatologists have realised that by using their trusted credibility as ‘Drs’, there is substantial $$$ to be made as they are able to charge exorbitantly, due to their inferred superior (Dr God status!) knowledge & service, for the exact same treatments performed by a Skin Therapist with the not-so-beneficial ability of prescribing oral medications. No one can blame them for being egotistical narcissistic rip off merchants, right 😡!

Lets take a very quick look at 3 of the most common forms of prescription meds recommended by Drs, how they work & their numerous side effects. YES, there are always side effects (these are systemic medications that affect your entire body, after all) ... some mild, some serious & some to be avoided like the clap … but side effects that need to be taken into consideration anyways, as they affect almost 100% of users.

Roaccutane negatively affects your whole body

The most heartbreaking thing is … Dermatologists actually believe what they are selling/prescribing to patients is the ultimate solution! This misguided and narrow minded view of how the skin should be treated (through medications both topical and systemic), results in short term masking of skin disorders, rather than a long term solution. A medical approach to skin conditions focuses on alleviating the presenting symptoms and often when treatment ceases (because medications can’t be maintained long term), the condition returns.

A Skin Therapist’s approach is very, very different.

Before we go any further, let’s have a quick chat about the therapist & the clinics from which they work. When I say Skin Therapist I am meaning a reputable, knowledgeable & experienced Skin Expert; someone who has your best interest, not wallet, at heart; someone who has a duty of care as an educator in the skin industry to advise you of the intricacies of your own skin resulting from internal & external factors; someone with over 5 years experience; someone NOT willing to perform the wrong treatment or sell you the wrong product, even if you may ‘think’ its the right one because you heard about it on YouTube, FB, Google or Cosmo; someone who is prepared to tell you some harsh truths, if necessary, rather than fluff & puffs; someone who doesn’t work within a franchise or department store chasing unrealistic & unachieveable KPIs; someone who isn’t selling MLM or over the counter skin care; and someone who oozes passion, integrity & dedication about their profession. WOW … sounds a lot like us!!

Easier said than done, trust us we know only too well … we have terrible trouble finding team members for our own skin clinic. It is your responsibility to ensure you choose the very best Skin Clinic & Therapist … you wouldn’t trust an inexperienced, sloppy mechanic with your car; or an overweight Personal Trainer, would you?

Any way, that’s another story for another blog … back to the completely different approach of a Skin Therapist to your skins health.

The Skin Therapist will conduct an in-depth analysis of diet, lifestyle, current skin care regime, past treatments, medications etc, in order to determine the underlying cause of existing skin conditions. It is only after gaining this essential information, that a client can be truly treated and advised on a long term solution for their condition.

There is no quick fix promises, no miracles in a jar, no cookie cutter solutions … every skin the same BUT very, very different and must be cherished & treated with respect. Your skin, after all, is the largest living organ of your entire body & without it you’d be dead.

Healthy, Beautiful skin is so simple to achieve & maintain when you know how … & we’d love to teach you. Are you ready to love the skin you’re in?

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Yours in Skin Health x



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